About me

Hi my name is Maarten Korz, I studied psychology & communication science. I started working at Digital Equipment Corporation (now HP). In 1998 I joined the cooperative Rabobank. I had several jobs at the intersection between new media & communication. Such as projectmanager, teammanager, business/alignment coordinator. I was responsible for the websites of DLL and managed teams in the United States & Netherlands.

Both my parents were teachers. So I always did guest lectures at Universities and i always like to work with trainees and interns. In 2005 I setup and taught my own curriculum (New Media Strategy) at the HAN University.

In 2007 I started at the small innovation team of Rabobank. At that time our team was very technology driven. After doing loads of experiments and innovation projects, i changed my job to accelaring the innovation culture of our organisation. I (co) founded several initiatives like:

  • Masterclass Innovation
  • Innovation ambassador network
  • Innovaid, the implementation of the Rabobank kickbox
  • Moonshot, internal accelerator program
  • InnoUpdate, a weekly internal vlog within Rabobank
  • In2Innovation, anual innovation conference
  • Internal & external hackathons (eg Dutch FinTech Hackathon)
  • F*ckup nights

The innovation department grew bigger. And in 2017 I changed my job to help our corporate customers with their innovation challenges.

Do you want to know more? You can download my curriculum vitae, check out my linkedin page or follow me on twitter.

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