The brilliance in failure

Whenever you take offense at someone’s wrongdoing, immediately turn to your own similar feelings, such as seeing money as good, or pleasure, or a little fame – whatever form it takes. By thinking on this, you’ll quickly forget your anger, considering also what compels them – for what else could they do? Or, if you are able, remove their compulsion.”

– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 10.30

I don’t think the teaching of today’s stoic is something specifically related to stoicism, but to common sense. Don’t judge others, because you don’t know what they are going through, and you are not perfect in the first place.

Only, it’s easy to forget our common sense in some situations.No one does wrong on purpose. Did you? As an innovator you will fail often. Sometime it’s better to say sorry than to ask for permission. If you can explain your actions, people will forgive you. So if a colleague makes a mistake, if he or she fails. Be as forgiving of them as you are of yourself. Cut them the slack you would for yourself. This way you can still work with them and make use of their talents.

You will need them…

Stoic Innovator is based on the beautiful book Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.

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