Respect the past, be open to the future

Won’t you be walking in your predecessors’ footsteps? I surely will use the older path, but if I find a shorter and smoother way, I’ll blaze a trail there. The ones who pioneered these paths aren’t our masters, but our guides. Truth stands open to everyone, it hasn’t been monopolized.

– Seneca, Moral Letters, 33.11

Keep your eyes open. Don’t stay in the building. Go outside, talk to customers, observe people and look for elephant paths. Respect the wisdom of the past and use it wisely not automatically. Innovators need to be open to the future. Stand on the shoulders of our predecessors’ and look for new options. If your ideas are true and better, embrace them, use them and share them.

Stoic Innovator is based on the beautiful book Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.

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