I’m a Strategy Tools global coach!

The last month I participated in the Strategy Tools Global Coaches program. In this program I’ve learned a lot about how to facilitate sessions, how to use strategy tools, several case studies and much more. By joining this course I became part of the so called “Strategy Tools Hub” . A strategy community with coaches & facilitators all over the world.

Last week i talked about the 5 challenges of the Swiss innovation ecosystem. In this post I will use some tools to “tackle” these five challenges.

1 Little sense of urgency

If you want to start a strategy program in your company it’s good to start with the WHY. Why do you want to innovate? What strategies could you use to support your Why?

You could start mapping out your industry and the shifts in the industry. The Swiss innovation ecosystem is more than just one industry. We could use the Ecosytem map and see who is shaking this map. The most important thing is to organize these sessions with the most important stakeholders. This way you will develop a “common language”.

2 Mindset & culture

It’s hard, very hard to change the culture of a company, let alone the culture of a country. But it all starts with behavior. When the most important role models in a company or ecosystem are changing their behavior, this can nudge or even convince others. Helping people to look through different lenses of strategy/innovation can help. The next step is to assess the current IST-situation and to see if your company is ready to transform. For ecosystems you can use the super cluster assessment

3 Support & skills

How to you invest your money & other resources wisely to transform your ecosystem? You can use long term funding roadmaps and see if you are track in transforming your company with the 6x company building canvas. For ecosystems & supe clusters you could start by defining the fundamental building blocks. And after that mapping out your capital strategy for your ecosystem.

4 Vision

A lot of the Swiss companies are too modest. To help them create a bigger vision we can use the innovation strategy canvas to map out your ambitions. Turn them into different levels of business models and translate them in smart KPI’s. Startups can use the investor & accelerator maps to find the best investors & accelerators to fund & support their vision.

5 Infrastructure

Switzerland is already doing a great job to stimulate the innovation ecosystem. In our last weeks discussion we noticed that there was some room for improvement to take more control to define, create and manage successful superclusters.

Final thoughts

In this blog post I mentioned over 15 tools we can use to help an ecosystem, company, startup or investor. The strategy tools website has 50+ extra tools and canvas you can download and use. The big value comes by connecting to their community and learn how to apply the stuff. If you want to learn more? Check out the global coaches program. A really good start to get to know people and learn about all the tools.

If you want to run an innovation strategy or business transformation program in your company of ecosystem. Please call or mail me & we can discuss it.

Want to learn more?

Read Christian Rangen’s reflections on the Swiss innovation ecosystem.

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